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Hotel Barbarossa

Hotel Barbarossa - HOTEL-BARBAROSSA.CZ

The BARBAROSSA hotel was created by altering a historic building in the center of the town of Cheb and was named after historical events.

In 1167, Emperor Frederick I, known as BARBAROSSA, won the Egerland, which had the Kaiserpfalz - today's Kaiserburg built here. Dominant of the castle is the Black Tower, built from lava rocks of the former volcano called Kammerbühl. Hotel BARBAROSSA wants to remind with its name of these historical events of the city of Eger and also to support it with its hospitality.

For our guests there is a lift, with which all rooms are easy to reach.

Hotel Barbarossa - HOTEL-BARBAROSSA.CZ

Free parking

The hotel has a private parking area designed for hotel guests and visitors to the hotel's restaurant.

Hotel restaurant

The hotel's restaurant is only for the breakfast of hotel guests.

Non-smoking rooms

All hotel rooms are non-smoking and comfortably furnished to the highest standard.

Hotel Elevator

The hotel has an elevator that allows guests easy and convenient access to all rooms.


Our pets are also welcome in our hotel. Their stay with us is, but charged.

Wi-fi free

Throughout the hotel and all rooms there is high-quality Wi-Fi coverage with internet access.